The Boost Up Academy

Hybrid Program, Learn & Grow at Your Own Pace.

The Package

Mix of Online Group Coaching Sessions, Video Courses & a One-on-One Private Customized Coaching Session.

12 Modules / Can Be Completed in 3 Months or At Your Own Pace.



The program

Once you enroll to the Boost Up academy you will have access to your own platform where you will be able to track your progress, and follow the program at your convenience. You will have unlimited access to the program, and will be able to come back to it whenever in doubt.


Throughout the program, I will be sharing videos and self-discovery exercises that will challenge you to dig deep into your own self, to discover certain truths you never knew existed.


During the monthly group sessions, you will be able to share your experiences, relate to some people’s stories and learn best practices in order to grow even more.


You will have access to an online community where you will be able to connect with like-minded people who are experiencing the same journey as you.


You will have the possibility to book your private one-on-one session with your coach anytime during the program.


You will have unlimited access to support throughout the program.


At the end of the Academy, you will have a crystal clear idea of want you want, what you need in order to feel fulfilled and abundant in your career, as well as a clear action plan to get started.

The Boost Up academy is designed in three phases: Explore, Dream, Design.

  • Explore
    You will get a clear idea of: your values, your why, your most powerful self, and also your key work preferences. By the end of the Explore phase, you will be very clear about what you must have in your career to be satisfied and motivated.
  • Dream
    It is the second phase where you use your creativity and think outside the box to generate a number of possible career choices, which will be explored in depth in the next phase.
  • Design
    It is the final phase where you investigate the top possibility that was generated in the previous phase. Together we use a creative and empowering process, which allows you to determine a solid direction and turn your compelling vision for an exciting career that’s right for you, into a clear, structured Action Plan you can follow in order to make it a reality.
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