The Boost Up Executive À La Carte

À La Carte, One-on-One Coaching to Enhance Your Leadership Presence.

For: Individuals & Corporations



Just like elite athletes who rely on continuous coaching to achieve and sustain peak performance, I partner with you to provide ongoing support and guidance. I assist you in harnessing continuous coaching for optimal performance and collaborating, whether you're a CEO or a mid-level professional, to refine your objectives, achieve your goals, and provide a supportive environment for unlocking your full potential.


Executive Coaching accelerates career advancement by honing leadership and management skills tailored to you as an individual. This includes expanding your self-awareness, refining your executive presence, and cultivating your leadership style.


Since it is an à la carte menu, following our first call, we jointly identify the subjects you need to tackle for your success and satisfaction. Based on that, we suggest to you a customized development plan. 


If your employer is your Sponsor, we clarify the different roles: Coach, Client, and Sponsor. The latter will only need to approve your development plan.


The Package

One-on-One Customized Intensive Coaching Sessions (Online or In-Person).

FOR: Ambitious career-focused professionals looking to reach their full potential and grow their career.


Here are the subjects that we tackle:

The program

The Boost up Executive à la carte is tailor-made to suit your needs and is all about leadership development, such as expanding self-awareness and building your own potential. It will help you develop the leadership and management skills that are specific to you as an individual, with the ultimate goal of unleashing your potential.


These include improving professional skills such as effectiveness as a leader, improving interpersonal communication skills and strategic thinking, applying a new behavior, managing professional relationships and overcoming any other general or punctual work-related challenge.

The Boost Up Executive à la carte allows you the time and space to assess your behavioral traits, communication style, and level of Emotional Intelligence, and redefine meaningful career goals to take your career to its next phase.


Throughout the process you will stay focused on your most important priorities, as well as on your vision, mission, values, strategic edge, ways you will measure success, key business and professional relationships, and ongoing organizational and professional growth.


By the end of the sessions, you will come out with a structured action plan on how to achieve your exciting career goals and we will make sure you implement it!