The Boost Up Journey

In-Depth, Completely Personalized, Full-Fledged, Most Complete Journey.

As a Certified ICF Executive & Leadership Coach and a Licensed Firework Career Coach, my program has been carefully tailored using research in career evaluation and transition and practical measurable results from executives, managers and leaders.

The 18-session Boost up journey allows you the time and space to really assess your current situation, your aspirations and redesign your career.

By the end of the sessions, you will have a clear vision of a career that is absolutely right for you, and that offers you a long-term sense of purpose and fulfilment.


You will also come out with an action plan for how to achieve your career goals and you will be able to start implementing it by the end of the journey.

The Boost up journey provides a structured framework for the coaching in the form of interesting and engaging exercises, which will bring out the creativity and resourcefulness in you and direct it toward discovering the right next steps for your working life.

The Boost up journey is designed in five phases: Assess, Explore, Dream, Design, Implement.